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The History of PPCIS

The Graduate Program in Social Sciences (PPCIS) is offered jointly by the Departments of Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science of UERJ’s Social Sciences Institute (ICS). PPCIS is an interdisciplinary program of teaching and research. It was founded as a Master Program in 1994 and it opened its doctoral formation in 1999. PPCIS has been admitting throughout the years students within a wide range of academic formation and from different Brazilian regions. Since its foundation, the program’s signature has been the option for an interdisciplinary profile of excellence, which is based on the link between the three areas that make up the Social Sciences field: Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science. This conception pervades teaching, research and extension activities. The Program also pursues the articulation of qualitative and quantitative methods of research. Interdisciplinarity is now consolidated through the affiliation of faculty members and students to the Program’s research areas and laboratories, as well as in their gathering in projects conducted by these groups. The ensemble of events and publications produced thus far displays such investments.

In 2014, PPCIS celebrated its 20th anniversary in a seminar funded by CAPES and CNPq. For three days, the faculty members presented their research projects, which resulted in a strengthening of the Program’s identity and the creation of intellectual bonds that transcended the event itself.